Review of The Wonder: Blood Red (Book One)



Right off the bat, I knew I was in for an interesting ride because this world that James Devo has created was unlike any other fantasy I’ve read. There’s a slight steampunk feel to it, but not overwhelmingly so. It’s also presented in a very unique way. The whole novel was refreshingly different. There is a ton of action and just a tiny hint of romance. There are unique characters, odd creatures, great adventures, and MAGIC.


We are thrown into the story as two different groups are at odds over the mysterious “gargoyle key”.  Who gets it and what happens along the way are what keep you going…You want to know what exactly it does and the more knowledge that you get about everything (including the different forms of magic called “Wonder” that exist in this world), the more hungry you are for more.


Really the only issue that I had at all was that the first two chapters were difficult for me to get through because a constant barrage of characters were being thrown at me and I was confused as to who was who and I wasn’t sure who to be pulling for. However, don’t let that deter you. You WILL get to know and love these characters…especially when things get really interesting at the Gleave Lodge.


SO, if you like a refreshing bit of unique fantasy, give this a chance. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the sequel.
***This was a review trade in exchange for an honest review.

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